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Library Databases for Kids

The library has special research databases to help you. Learn more about library databases.  
Remember, you need a library card to access these.


  • Curriculum Resource CenterCurriculum Resource Center
    Contains hundreds of maps, charts, diagrams and timelines for classroom use and homework help in history, geography, science and math.
  • History Reference Center History Reference Center 
    See information on U.S. and World History such as the Civil War or Middle Ages as well as biographies of historical figures. Formats include photos, videos, and more.
  • Biography in Context Biography Resource Center 
    Find facts about a famous person!
  • African American History Facts on File databaseAfrican American History
    Look back at African-American History. What was the Harlem Renaissance? Who were the abolitionists that fought slavery?
  • Science Online databaseScience Online
    Find out about science in the news, experiments, videos and biographies. Just a few of the topics include space and astronomy, forensic science, earth science, chemistry, and even computer science! What was the warmest decade on record?