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Did you know with your own library card you can check out books, DVDs, CDs, sign-up to use computers in the library, use special databases, and even get help with your homework for free?
Why wait? Visit your neighborhood library and apply for a card today. It's free!

My Library CardGetting My Library Card

If you live in Maryland, you can get a free Pratt Library card! Just make sure a parent or guardian with identification comes with you to sign for it (if you are not 12 yet).

My Online Library Account

Once you have your library card you can manage your account online and:

  • Check Stuff Out Again (renew materials)
  • Get Your Pin Number
  • Change your name, phone number and address
If you are stuck, we will help you! Talk to us at your neighborhood library. 

Remember: You must have (or remember) your library card and pin number to check your library account on the computer.

We have computers!

To use a computer in the library, make sure you have your library card and your pin number.

What's going on at the library?

Want to do a fun craft? Hear stories? Watch a movie? Check the calendar to see what's happening at your library!

Children's Librarians

Are you looking for a book that is an adventure, mystery, school story or science fiction! What about that homework? 
A Librarian will help you find exactly the right book for your report on the state of California or the country of India! 

10 Things to Ask a Children's Librarian:

  1. Ask a question about a web site
  2. Ask about books for your homework assignment
  3. Tell a children's librarian about your day at school
  4. Listen to a children's librarian tell a story from one of the newest books on the shelf
  5. Find out how to get a library card that can also be used for the computers and copy machine
  6. Ask how to find a book that is not too hard and not too easy but fun to read
  7. Find out when the next after school program takes place
  8. Ask about the Summer Reading Game
  9. Ask how to get help with homework while on the computer at home
  10. Tell the librarian about your favorite books and ask for some new suggestions

How many  books are there in the entire library system?  

Over 500,000!  Wow!  That's half a million!

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Find books, music, movies and more!

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