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Mouse & Lion
Mouse & Lion (2011)
by Rand  Burkert, Nancy Burkert
In this retelling of Aesop’s popular tale set in Africa, beautiful illustrations have the mouse at center stage instead of the lion. A mouse stumbles over a lion thinking the sleeping lion is a mountain. The lion sets the mouse free after the mouse demonstrates his bravery and pleads he might be useful to the lion. A year later the mouse gets to prove his claim as the lion gets trapped into a hunter’s net.
For ages six to eight.
Call Number: PZ8
Fairly Fairy Tales
Fairly Fairy Tales (2011)
by Esme Raji Codell
 There are some things that stay the same about fairy tales. For instance, we know that Cinderella had a fairy godmother, pumpkin coach, and a glass slipper. How about a disco ball? “NOOOOO!” Anything is possible when you think “Well, maybe,” changing fairy tales and bedtime forever.
For ages six to eight.
The Red Hen
The Red Hen (2009)
by Rebecca  Emberley, Ed Emberley
 The Red Hen has found a cake recipe and would like her friend's assistance. Rebecca and Ed Emberley come together to tell a classic folktale using electric colors and fitting collage shapes. In the end, children will learn the Red Hen's delicious cake recipe.
For ages three to five.
Ant and Grasshopper
Ant and Grasshopper (2011)
by Luli Gray
 All through spring and summer, Ant is very serious about gathering food for the winter. He spends his time counting his beans, kernals, peanuts, and other “dee-lishus and noo-trishus” foods. In contrast, Grasshopper spends his time playing music all through the spring and summer, never preparing for the winter. Although Ant repeatedly turns down Grasshoppers invitation to come out and play, one quiet winter night Ant decides to check on Grasshopper.
For ages six to eight.
Medio Pollito: a Spanish tale
Medio Pollito: a Spanish tale (2010)
by Eric A. Kimmel
 A Spanish tale adapted by Eric A. Kimmel tells the story of Medio Pollito, a "half-chick" born with one leg, one eye, one wing, with half a comb, and half a beak. Nonetheless, he is a brave chick who follows a road to the city of Madrid with a “hop-step” hoping to meet the king. The beautiful illustrations add to Kimmel’s story.
For ages nine to twelve.
The Emperor's Cool Clothes
The Emperor's Cool Clothes (2011)
by Harper Lee
This retelling of Hans Christian Andersen tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes has an emperor penguin who is totally obsessed with looking cool because of childhood teasing.  Different kinds of animals live together in the Arctic and shop at stores like Cold Navy. Once the two Rogue brothers get the Emperor’s platinum card, they start buying things for themselves instead of making clothes with their special formula to tell who is cool and who is not.
For ages six to eight.
Call Number: PZ8